We specialize in supporting IBM midrange systems such as the SYSTEM/3x, AS/400, iSeries, and the latest PowerSystems platform.

Our certified software developers and system consultants are always dedicated to providing our clients with excellent service, efficient and affordable work, and quality product.

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Available Services
Software Design and Programming
Our technical staff can develop new and customized business applications for a wide variety of needs and industries.

We take careful steps to gather your specific requirements so that we may provide accurate and detailed time/cost estimates. Once approved, our developers are very experienced and managed at following strict coding standards that define efficient design, testing, user review, documentation, and proper installation into your production environment

In this, we provide sound research, analysis, and problem resolution, data manipulation and conversion, and emergency software and system support on an as needed basis. Our clients have a direct line to our most experienced programmers when this level of support is needed.